2016 Winter Schedule and Results

03/19/157:30 *Huck Em Chuck Emscheduled
03/26/156:30 *Otero and Sons RoofingL18-43
04/09/157:30 at*EnterpriseL22-24
04/16/156:30 at*DAWGSW28-16
04/23/157:30 at*GunslingersW15-12
04/30/158:30 at*Huck Em Chuck EmL30-34
05/03/151:00 *Dawgs-2W44-6
05/07/157:30 *EnterpriseL8-30
05/14/156:30 at*Otero and Sons RoofingW30-6
06/04/156:30 *GunslingersL8-18
09/03/157:00 at*Alumni 2.0scheduled
09/10/156:30 *MONSTARSW2-0
09/17/158:30 *Show Me Your TDsW40-22
09/24/157:30 at*HPW34-6
10/01/157:30 at*Heavy ImpactL12-32
10/08/157:00 at*Huck Em Chuck EmW18-12
10/15/158:00 at*A J C C EaglesW42-16
10/22/157:30 *GunslingersW28-8
10/29/156:30 *Alumni 2.0rainout
11/04/15Manzano Mesa MGC8:30 at*WurmzW60-53
11/05/156:30 at*FlinstonesW22-20
11/12/158:30 at*MONSTARSW32-28
11/18/158:30 *BC FireW60-48
11/19/156:30 *Alumni 2.0L28-38
12/02/156:30 *Lizard1W64-63
12/09/15Manzano Mesa MGC7:30 *HomewrekasW59-58
12/10/156:30 *Alumni 2.0L14-26
12/16/156:30 at*A J C C EaglesW2-0
01/06/16Los Duranes CC8:30 at*Lizard1W61-54
01/13/167:30 at*HomewrekasW55-53
01/20/16Manzano Mesa MGC6:30 *A J C C EaglesL68-77
01/27/16Los Duranes CC8:30 at*WurmzW57-44
02/03/16Manzano Mesa MGC8:30 *Duke City MobstarsW83-60
02/10/168:30 *HawksW2-0
02/17/16Manzano Mesa MGC7:30 at*BC FireL48-49
03/02/16Manzano Mesa MGC7:30 *A J C C EaglesW70-56
03/02/16Manzano Mesa MGC8:30 *HomewrekasW57-38
09/08/166:30 at*A J C C Eaglesscheduled
09/15/167:30 at*Mean MachineW28-12
09/22/167:30 at*FlinstonesL6-24
09/29/167:30 at*Huck Em Chuck EmLF0-2
10/06/168:30 *Donut DestroyersL26-30
10/13/166:30 *Little GiantsL0-2
10/20/166:30 *GunslingersW32-30
10/27/167:30 at*GoldrushL22-30
11/02/16Manzano Mesa MGC7:30 at*Uncle Drew`s CrewW80-50
11/03/168:30 *Planet of the HarambesW40-6
11/09/16Taylor Ranch CC7:30 *GimesumW74-60
11/10/166:30 *A J C C EaglesW41-33
11/16/16Manzano Mesa MGC6:30 at*SwishahouseW108-94
11/17/168:30 *Mean MachineW40-32
11/30/16Manzano Mesa MGC6:30 *Slam DukesL72-78
12/01/166:30 at*GoldrushL20-22
12/07/16Taylor Ranch CC6:30 at*WurmzW93-57
12/14/16Taylor Ranch CC7:30 *Lizard1W73-63
01/11/17Los Duranes CC7:30 *Uncle Drew`s CrewW98-26
01/18/17Los Duranes CC6:30 at*GimesumW87-79
01/25/17Taylor Ranch CC7:30 *SwishahouseL68-75
02/01/17Manzano Mesa MGC7:30 at*Slam DukesW78-73
02/08/17Manzano Mesa MGC7:30 *WurmzW67-61
02/15/17Taylor Ranch CC6:30 at*Lizard1W83-63

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• 2016 Winter Mens Medium10-2-0
2016 Fall Mens Fall League5-5-0
2015 Winter Mens Medium10-2-0
2015 Fall Mens Open8-2-0
2015 Spring Mens FF4-4-0

2016 Winter Standings Position

Mens Medium
teamW-L-T  %PFPADiffstk
1Nightmare10-2-0 .833 981779202W3
2Gimesum8-4-0 .667 78972465W2
3Swishahouse8-4-0 .667 74065189L1
4Slam Dukes7-5-0 .583 74467074L3
5Lizard14-8-0 .333 615687-72W1
6Wurmz4-8-0 .333 581686-105W1
7Uncle Drew`s Crew1-11-0 .083 477730-253L6


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